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Welcome to the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit

Welcome to the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, and thank you for your interest in visiting the United States.

Most temporary visitors to the United States must apply for and obtain a nonimmigrant visa before beginning their journey.  We encourage applicants to learn as much as they can about the laws, regulations and policies involved in processing a nonimmigrant visa application.

Consular Notice

The U.S. Embassy in Caracas continues to issue visas. To provide better service to our visa applicants, the Embassy is implementing new appointment and fee payment procedures.

The new system will be more convenient and affordable for users.

It will eliminate the current appointment-scheduling fee, the need for a PIN, and the Call Center contact fee. Furthermore, the new system will include document delivery, thus reducing the overall cost of applying for a U.S. visa.

Effective October 25, 2014, all applicants for all non-immigrant visas (including tourist, business, exchange, student, and performer) will schedule an appointment through the new system. Unless you plan to travel before October 25, you must wait to pay and schedule an appointment until after that date.

As the activation date approaches, more information on the system will be made available to applicants.

PLEASE NOTE: All previously scheduled appointments through November 1 will be honored. If you must travel before October 25, 2014, please continue to check our current system for appointment availability.

The information in this website is designed to help you understand the process and, if a visa interview is required, come to the interview prepared.

Nonimmigrant Visas

  • Thread Apply for a visa to visit the United States.