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Transportation Services

The U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or quality of services provided by the following persons or companies whose names appear in the list given below.

The American Citizen Services unit has compiled the following list of transportation providers.  Companies providing armored vehicle transportation are noted accordingly. The list is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive, nor does it represent either a guarantee of competence or endorsement by the Department of State or the American Embassy. It does indicate that the American community has utilized them in the past. Traveler input, both positive and negative, regarding experiences with local transportation companies, is always welcome and provides additional information to assist in expanding or revising this list.

If you are calling from the U.S. all numbers need to be preceded by the international dialing code (011) and country code for Venezuela (58).

Cell phone numbers in Venezuela begin with a 4 (414, 416, 412, 424, 426) and if being dialed from within Venezuela must be preceded by a 0.

Land line numbers within the greater Caracas area begin with 212. If you are dialing a land line from within the greater Caracas area you need not dial the 212, you need only dial the 7 digit number (this includes when dialing from the airport). If you are dialing a greater Caracas land line number from outside the greater Caracas area then you need to dial 0212.

C.P. Desarrollos, C.A. is an executive transportation company operated by Mr. Carlos Peña and used frequently by the Embassy. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drivers are reachable by cell phone at any time. Contact information from the U.S:

Tel: 011-58-416-621-2220
Tel: 011-58-412-621-2220,
Tel: 011-58-414-306-6235,
Tel: 011-58-212-543-0792.
Fax: 011-58-212-542-0913.

The company may also be reached through Miami, FL; via Martha Cohen,

Tel: 954-966-2374
Fax: 954-966-2560.

Servicios Trex 03, C.A Provides taxi and van services to and from Caracas to the airport and from Caracas to the rest of the country. Please send your reservations by fax or email, 48 hours in advance, including: Full name of passenger (s), Date of arrival, Time of arrival, Airline, Destination in Venezuela, number of passenger (s) and amount of luggage. Point of contact is Luis Alberto Hernandez. Contact information from the U.S:

Ave. Sanz, Res. Ondarreta Norte
Piso 6, Apto: 61-D
El Marqués Caracas Venezuela.

Tel: 011-58-414-306-3685
Tel: 011-58-414-255-5145
Tel: 011-58-414-319-3072
Fax: 011-58-212-693-6598
Fax: 011-58-212-239-9436

Email: or

Provides 24-hour on call Taxi service. To reach by phone from within Venezuela

Av. Orinoco, Edif. River Suite, Pent House
Bello Monte, Caracas.

Tel: 0212-953-4040
Tel: 0500-753-9122
Tel: 0500-753-4155
Tel: 0414-318-3772
Tel: 0414-318-3773
Tel: 0416-610-9781
Tel: 0416-610-9782

TaxiTaxco Provides 24-hour on call Taxi service. The number to call from within Venezuela is 0212-576-8322.

Corporacion Labtrade C.A.0  Provides executive transportation services, including armored vehicle service.

Tel: (58) (0212) 2379715
Tel: (58) (0212) 2379971
(58) (0212) 2377915

Pegaso 30/20 Provides executive transportation services by land, sea, and air, including armored vehicle service.

Tel: 0412-2899914
Tel: 0414-2899914
Tel: 0212-6141116


Global Seguridad Consultores, C. A. Provides executive transportation services, including armored vehicle service. English speaking drivers available upon request. Other security services available. Contact information: 

Tel: +58 212 257-7088
Tel: +58 212 257-5735
FAX: +58 212 -0692


K2 Transports C.A. Company specialized in vip armored transportation. They also offer bodyguard services and non armored chauffeured vehicles as well as other services that you can check on our website. The company can service non Spanish speaking costumers on the phone and they can offer under special circumstances  English speaking drivers. Contact information: 

Tel: (+58) 212 614.0964
Tel: (+58) 212 284.1882
Tel: (+58) 212 286.6093
Tel: (0414) 033.2960